Google Drive may allow a limited number of files: How this will affect users

Google Drive is a cloud storage platform that allows users to store data that is not available on their local devices. However, Google has recently introduced a new file limit, which is causing problems for several users.

According to a report by Ars Technica, some Google Drive users have been receiving a message stating that their accounts have reached their “creation limit.” This means that they cannot add any new files until they delete some of their existing ones.

This restriction is affecting both free and paid Google Workspace and Google One subscribers, and users have reported the issue on Reddit and Google’s Issue Tracker. The problem was first reported in February, and it puts a cap on the total number of files that can be stored on the platform.

According to a recent report, Google Drive has put a limit on the number of files users can store on their accounts. This limit applies to all types and sizes of files and is set at five million items, including those in the trash. If users exceed this limit, they will not be able to add any new files until they delete some of their existing ones.

Google Drive will show a message stating that the account has exceeded the creation limit and suggest moving items to the trash and deleting them permanently to create more items.

Some users have reported being locked out of their accounts and unable to add new files, with existing files now showing only in “read-only” mode. Google has confirmed the limit to some users but has not made any official announcement about the restriction.

The company’s support page mentions a limit of sharing up to 400,000 files through Drive but does not mention any storage limit. In contrast, Dropbox mentions that users can sync up to 300,000 files to their computer, but there is no total file limit for their accounts.

Google has given a reason for implementing the file limit on Google Drive. The company states that this move is intended to prevent misuse of its system that could potentially affect its stability and safety. Google also claims that only a very small number of users will be affected by this change.

It is important to note that this limit only applies to the number of items that a single user can create in any given Drive and does not affect the total file limit in Drive.

This includes files that are uploaded to shared folders by another user. While these files will count towards the user’s total storage capacity, they will not be subject to the item limit.

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