From 2023, Apple Plans to Employ iPhone Modems Made In-house

has long sought to move away from Qualcomm modems in favor of its own proprietary technologies. A recent story from Nikkei Asia claims that Apple will eventually begin using its bespoke modems in 2023, and they will be made on TSMC's 4nm production node. Apple is expected to employ its own modem by 2023, according to a previous report by Ming-Chi Kuo.

Despite the fact that Apple left Qualcomm in 2018 owing to patent disagreements, the company continues to employ Qualcomm's X60 modem in its iPhone 13 series. That year, Cupertino paid $1 billion for Intel's smartphone modem division, which was bought by Apple. Apple has been working on its own 5G modems for about a year, and it has even opened a research and development lab in Munich, Germany.

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