Former OnePlus (Carl Pei) executive to lead the launch of Nothing Phone (2)

Former staff are being aggressively recruited by Carl Pei's company, , as revealed in a recent report by Inverse. Currently, 70% of the software team and 30% of the hardware team at Nothing are comprised of former OnePlus employees. While this report is not officially confirmed, Carl Pei has personally welcomed Kyle Kiang, who previously served as Chief Marketing Officer at OnePlus, to join his team at Nothing.

Leading the launch of the highly-anticipated (2) in North America will be Kyle Kiang, who assumes the role of Vice President at Nothing. In contrast to the previous year, the new Phone (2) is anticipated to be a flagship device equipped with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and is set to make its debut in the United States. Given Kyle's previous accomplishments, such as his successful collaboration between OnePlus and T-Mobile, it is no surprise that Carl Pei sought to have him join the team at Nothing.

It is possible that Nothing aims to target tech enthusiasts, similar to OnePlus in its early days. Many loyal OnePlus fans acknowledge the company's decline in recent years, creating an opportunity for companies like Nothing to capture the interest of tech enthusiasts.


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