For Vue.js developers, Power BI has just released a new plugin

Microsoft has released components for both React and Angular over the past couple of years. Thanks to this, online apps built using the two popular JavaScript frameworks may take advantage of a number of Power BI features without having to switch to another BI tool. The software behemoth has today announced yet another landmark in this area by saying that would be entering these ranks by introducing a new component.

By incorporating Power BI content into their Vue apps, can now take advantage of the platform's benefits. Reports can also be customized in a number of different interactive ways. The new component can simultaneously incorporate dashboard, Q&A, and other Power BI functionalities.

Power BI Vue.js
Power BI Vue.js

Here you may view a sample app that uses this component to embed reports and update existing ones. The Power BI report authoring library can be used to modify reports in addition to the report embedding component. The preceding example demonstrates how the embedded reports can respond to a variety of clicks and other actions. They also make room for other cool elements that can be inserted for cosmetic adjustments.

Notably, other frameworks' end-to-end developer samples are available in addition to the already-released React and Angular components. These other frameworks include.NET, Java, and more.

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