For the PlayStation 5, Sony has Unveiled New Console Covers and DualSense Color Schemes

The PlayStation 5’s first-party console covers have been unveiled by Sony today. For the DualSense controller, the business has also unveiled three new colors.

Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, Galactic Purple, Cosmic Red, and Midnight Black are the new colors for the console covers. As an alternative to the standard white covers, which are the only ones available when purchasing the console, these are all stand-alone accessories that must be purchased separately.

The PS5’s covers may be easily replaced without the use of any tools because they are designed to slide off easily. Accessing the SSD slot for more storage is also accomplished by removing the covers.

DualSense controllers in Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple are also available from Sony. Previously available colors include Cosmic Red and Midnight Black, both of which were introduced in May. You can now pick from a total of six colors in addition to the normal white.

After a few months of delays, the black and red covers will be on sale in January 2022 in countries around the world including the U.S. and Canada; the United Kingdom; France; Germany; Spain; Italy; Australia; New Zealand; Japan; China; Taiwan; Hong Kong; Singapore; Malaysia; Thailand; Indonesia; Vietnam; Korea; and the Philippines. It is expected that the pink, purple, and blue covers will be available in the aforementioned regions in the first half of 2022. Later this year, they’ll arrive in other places.

The price of these coverings has yet to be announced.

New colors for DualSense are scheduled for release in January 2022.

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