Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has proclaimed WhatsApp to be “much more private and safe than iMessage”

The CEO of , a social networking service, , has taken to to criticize Apple for “green bubble bullying” over iMessage, just like a Google executive did in January.

Zuck wrote that is “much more private and secure than iMessage” in an Instagram post. It supports group conversations, encrypted backups, and vanishing messages with end-to-end encryption on both iOS and Android devices. Everything he lists is something he says iMessage lacks.

The featured image is a photograph of an advertisement currently shown in Penn Station as part of a marketing initiative that began in January and is currently being expanded. The goal is to raise awareness of end-to-end encryption in the United States and attract more people to use WhatsApp there. Even while WhatsApp is immensely popular in other parts of the world, it has never caught on in the United States. Could this campaign be the one to make a difference? There is still some suspense.

The WhatsApp team lead at Meta, Will Cathcart, provides a comprehensive explanation in his own tweet thread. He claims that WhatsApp's popularity in the US “is growing,” which is something he definitely hopes will keep happening and even accelerate.

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