Embedded tweets that had been erased are restored to their original content, as Twitter reversed changes

Last week, Twitter discreetly adopted a contentious decision, restoring the text of tweets embedded on external websites that have subsequently been erased. Twitter user @RuinDig was the first to notice the change.

According to a blog post by Kevin Marks, an independent web developer, Twitter had “tampered with the public record” by using JavaScript to hide deleted tweets that were embedded in other posts. This feature has been restored, so deleted embedded tweets will once again display their original text.

Twitter Senior Product Manager Eleanor Harding noted at the time that Twitter was aiming to better respect the wishes of its users by hiding deleted tweets saved on the web. Open web supporters and developers were quick to criticise Twitter for modifying embedded deleted tweets to disguise their content.

A Twitter spokeswoman confirmed the change to TechCrunch, saying, “After evaluating the comments we heard, we’re rolling back this move for now while we investigate other possibilities,” citing the change. “Your feedback helps us make Twitter better,” says Twitter. “We appreciate those who shared their points of view.”

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