Early tests on AnTuTu of the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 show a big improvement from one generation to the next

Last year around this time, the first phone to get 1 million points on AnTuTu was powered by Dimensity. That was the brand-new Dimensity 9000 chip, and its replacement, tentatively called the Dimensity 9200, is coming soon.

AnTuTu score from the Dimensity 9200
AnTuTu score from the Dimensity 9200

The new processor is supposed to be 26% more powerful than its predecessor, with a total score of 1.26 million. Midway through the season, MediaTek did announce an upgrade to the old processor called the Dimensity 9000+, which would increase CPU performance by 5% and GPU performance by 10%. Even when compared to the Plus chip, which achieves a score of 1.13 million in practice, the new findings are impressive.

Dimensity 9000+ 2022 Score Points


However, they also have an odd appearance; the CPU score is on par with 9000 chip scores, according to the point breakdown. And the temperature graph suggests that this chipset was not overworked (or this is a dev board with good cooling).

We expected a higher CPU score given that Digital Chat Station (the source of this screenshot) claims that the Dimensity 9200 has a Cortex-X3 CPU core (up from an X2) than we actually saw. Again, it’s too soon to draw conclusions because we have no idea what kind of device was used to run the benchmark.

Third-Gen Cortex-X2 CPU

The GPU performance is as expected. At 550K it is significantly above what the 9000+ chip accomplishes in devices like the Asus ROG Phone 6D Ultimate (the best-performing phone in September), which gets around 430K.

MediaTek, according to DCS, employs ARM’s newest Immortalis-G715, its most powerful GPU and the first to provide hardware support for ray tracing. When compared to the G710 used in the previous chip, the G715 promises a 15% increase in graphics rendering performance (and a 300%).


In this case, neither the type of device nor the parameters utilized in the benchmarking process are known. This outcome, however, points to the Dimensity 9200 being a competent replacement for the 9000(+), which was an alternative to the Snapdragon 8(+) Gen 1 in a few high-end devices.

The Dimensity 9000 was revealed in the middle of November, thus it’s possible that the 9200 may be introduced in the next weeks. The release could be timed to coincide with or counteract Qualcomm’s announcement.

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