Disassembling the Google Pixel Watch on video reveals its irreparable part

Both of Google’s recently announced phones have previously been dissected in extensive detail in video form. On the other hand, you may recall that Google also debuted the Pixel Watch at the same event, and if you’ve been waiting patiently for a dissection of the wearable, you’re in luck because the fine guys at iFixit have finally delivered it today.

As it turns out, the original packaging is quite intriguing. It’s fair to say that the Pixel Watch is a riddle in and of itself. Apple’s wearables haven’t had a detachable back until this model. However, the crown and button appear to be irreplaceable, which significantly limits the device’s repairability.

Interestingly, the Pixel Watch’s internal adhesive is likewise one of a kind and completely unique, and it doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind when you take it off. A Google employee really ought to tell iFixit that Wear OS is no longer called Android Wear. That rules out the possibility of “an Android watch.” It appears that the wearable receives a passing grade, with potential internal upgrades to be implemented in subsequent models.

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