Digital Keys for Pixels and Galaxy S21 are Among the Latest Android Features Announced by Google

By unveiling a number of new Android features today, Google is getting into the holiday mood.

To begin, let’s begin with the digital car key feature. In a few regions, this is currently available on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S21. Only BMW automobiles that are compatible with it are currently supported.

Next, there’s the Family Bell, which will notify you and your family when it’s time for crucial events during the day. You can receive notifications on your mobile device or smart display. Aside from using the shared “bells,” you may also use your own devices to establish personal “bells” to help you stay on track. Do something nice for your community this holiday season and you’ll be sure to ring in the new year.

Google digital car keys

New widgets have been added to three Google apps. In addition to the new Google Play Books and YouTube Music widgets, the new Google Photos People & Pets widget lets you select a few faces, a frame, and the widget will decorate your Home screen with your family and pets.

Google digital keys

The new Photos widget will be released next week, while the others have a hazy delivery date. New Memories are being added to the Photographs app this week, which includes a selection of photos and videos from holidays, as well as significant events like birthdays and graduations. Any of these attributes can be changed or removed with the click of a button.

A new feature of Google Play Services, which allows users to reset permissions on apps they’ve not used in a while, will be accessible starting next month. After a period of time, runtime rights, which allow programs to access data or perform activities on your behalf, will be turned off automatically by this feature. Each app’s permissions are reactivated when you launch it again.

Google Remove App Permissions

With the addition of the wrapped gift box and a new variety of animal companions, Gboard now has more Emoji Kitchen combinations than ever before! In the following weeks, all Gboard Beta users will be able to access these features.

Android Auto can now be launched immediately when you connect your Android phone to a compatible car, and like us you’re probably asking why this wasn’t a feature already.. Soon, when you’re on the road, you’ll have access to smart answers so that you can react to a text using the Google Assistant. As well as “coming soon,” the ability to search for music using your voice.

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