Despite supply chain issues, Tesla’s Q1 2022 shipments have grown

It was confirmed in Tesla's Q1 report that it had set a new record for deliveries. Due to several sources of supply chain challenges (e.g., Elon Musk's tweets), the corporation had a “exceptionally challenging” quarter. Although Tesla had to close its Shanghai factory at the end of this quarter, it probably hasn't had a big impact.

In the first three months of the year, the firm delivered 310,048 units, breaking its previous record of 308,600 units shipped in Q4 2021. The increase from 184,800 units to 70% increase is substantial when compared to the previous year.

We don't know how many Model 3 and Model Y Tesla has sold because the company categorises them in the same price range. There are a total of 295,324 of these vehicles sold, compared to just 14,724 for the more premium Model S and X.

The Model 3 and Y accounted for 291,189 of the 305,407 vehicles produced, while the Model S and X accounted for 14,218.

A rise in production and delivery will likely occur in the next quarters because Berlin's new facility is complete and operational. On April 20, we might expect the company's comprehensive financial report.

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