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Despite Apple’s Claims that the Switch to USB-C will Stifle Innovation, the EU says Otherwise.

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For Android device makers, the move to USB-C as a standard charging port isn’t going to be a problem because the USB-C connector is already widely used in the EU. Despite this, Apple believes that a move to a single charging port will limit innovation. According to a response from the European Union, the legislation does allow for further development.

According to a recent interview with Anna Cavazzini, chair of the European Parliament’s committee on consumer protection, the proposal leaves the door open for a new standard to be adopted in the future.

Moving to a future standard would be complicated, but that isn’t a deal-breaker because it does allow for further development.

For the time being, only Apple’s iPhones and iPads have the proprietary Lightning port, while most MacBooks and iPads use USB-C to charge. It’s possible that Apple will eventually adopt the superior USB-C connector regardless.

Via GSMArena
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