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Customers rush to get the new iPhone 14 Pro

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Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-respected Apple analyst, predicts that the iPhone 14 Pro will account for the bulk of the company’s initial purchase volume. In fact, it’s closer to 85%. The iPhone 14 Plus variant will make up less than 5% of overall sales. A similar drop in sales would have led to the cancellation of the tiny range.

This is what early data on offline pre-order in China shows, and Kuo claims this is typical of early purchases. The Pro options sales allocation, however, is bigger this year than in past years. This is probably due to the larger feature gap between the base iPhone 14 and the Pro models.

It’s obvious that more work went into the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max than the standard iPhone 14, which saw only incremental improvements over its predecessor, and the 14 Plus, which seems to be priced too similarly to the Pro models.

However, the iPhone 14 Plus does have certain advantages in the long run. It’s no secret that customers love high-resolution displays, but the only iPhone model to provide such a screen size up until this year was the priciest Pro Max. As consumers throughout the world begin to assess their alternatives, there is a chance that the demand for the iPhone 14 Plus will increase.

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