Customers of Apple’s iPhone and Mac products are apparently able to purchase AppleCare after a repair

According to a leaked internal memo obtained by MacRumors, Apple may begin offering iPhone consumers a second chance to purchase the AppleCare+ extended repair and warranty plan. There are typically sixty days in most countries where you may purchase AppleCare+ to safeguard your new Apple product purchase from any issues that may arise.

When a consumer purchases Apple Care+ after having their iPhone fixed by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider within the last year, they will be qualified to do so, according to a leaked document.

Out-of-warranty repair or replacement costs will be charged to customers, of course. Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max (the most expensive model) has a $329 screen replacement fee in the United States, while all “other” repairs cost $599. With AppleCare+, the cost of a screen or rear glass repair is merely $29, however “other” damage would cost $99.

A lower-cost repair option is available only after paying the out-of-warranty charge for AppleCare+ protection. While it was under investigation.

This policy is apparently “in effect at Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Provider locations in all countries and regions where AppleCare+ is offered.” Apple is now seeing a high demand for gadgets, and the business is able to keep up – especially during the holiday season.

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