ChatGPT’s application for iOS gets the integration of Siri as well as Shortcuts

After having been on the Apple App Store for just about a week, OpenAI’s ChatGPT application on IOS has a few of interesting new capabilities, like more integration with Siri as well as Shortcuts. Furthermore, the app has been designed for tablets as well and is available in full-screen.

Shortcut allows you to design an individual ChatGPT shortcut to save the prompt. Then, it can be connected to other apps and carry out the desired procedure. You can, for example, keep the response to the prompt Notes or forward it to any messaging application in a timely manner. You can also request Siri to take care of it for you.

The drag-and-drop function that is available across Apple’s mobile devices can be employed with ChatGPT’s apps too. Drag and drop the chat response from ChatGPT onto other applications.


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