Canon seeks collaboration with a smartphone maker

Given the history of partnerships between smartphone and camera companies, it's not unexpected to hear about 's interest in joining forces with a smartphone manufacturer. Reliable information from Digital Chat Station, a prominent source on Weibo, suggests that Canon is actively seeking collaboration in the smartphone industry.

Considering the existing partnerships between Oppo/OnePlus-Hasselblad, vivo-Zeiss, and Xiaomi-Leica, it narrows down the potential candidates for a collaboration with Canon to Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Asus, Google, Realme, Honor, Sony, and Motorola. However, it is unlikely that Apple, Samsung, and Google would actively pursue such a collaboration, and Sony can be excluded due to its independent camera department.

Since the rumor originates from China and DCG is based there, it is possible that a China-based company like Realme, Honor, or Huawei could be involved. Unfortunately, we lack further information to make a definitive conclusion, so speculation is all we have at this point.


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