Bobby Kotick, The CEO of Activision Blizzard, Has Been Petitioned by More Than 500 Employees To Be Fired

Over 500 Blizzard employees and contractors signed and published a petition calling for the dismissal of CEO Bobby Kotick.

“We, the undersigned, no longer have confidence in the leadership of Bobby Kotick as the CEO of . The information that has come to light about his behaviors and practices in the running of our companies runs counter to the culture and integrity we require of our leadership—and directly conflicts with the initiatives started by our peers. We ask that Bobby Kotick remove himself as CEO of Activision Blizzard, and that shareholders be allowed to select the new CEO without the input of Bobby, who we are aware owns a substantial portion of the voting rights of the shareholders.”

Signatories to the petition could potentially face retaliation if the petition goes on to list the workers' names, titles, and departments.

Comes after an investigation into Kotick's alleged role in a culture of misconduct and harassment that has drawn the attention of government authorities. The petition is a response to that investigation. However, Kotick has been supported and will remain so by the company's board of directors, despite a small group of shareholders' calls for his dismissal.

In addition to two walkouts and the formation of an employee advocacy group, A Better ABK, a petition calling for the company's dismissal has emerged.

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