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Blizzard has announced a new survival game and confirmed that it will be releasing Call of Duty for PlayStation

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Blizzard has unveiled a new online survival game via its official Twitter account, although it appears to be in the early stages of development because the announcement acts more as a job advertisement. In light of Blizzard’s recent legal troubles and ongoing efforts to improve its working environment, this decision makes sense

PC and console platforms are mentioned in a corporate description, but it isn’t clear which platforms will get the new game. Nothing is clear at this point, given Microsoft’s ongoing acquisition of Blizzard.

If you possess a PlayStation, you’re in luck: the next three Call of Duty titles are coming to your console. Blizzard has made a promise to Sony and has no intention of keeping it. The report was confirmed by Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer as well. This year, Infinity Ward will release a new Modern Warfare sequel, followed by another Treyarch game and a new edition of the famous battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone.

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