Bing chatbot now available on Android’s SwiftKey

Microsoft has introduced its Bing Chat AI to the SwiftKey keyboard for Android, a popular keyboard application. This integration was released on Wednesday and is available to SwiftKey Beta users, enabling them to access Microsoft’s Bing chatbot easily by simply tapping a button within any app.

The Bing Chat feature on SwiftKey offers two modes – chat mode and tone mode. The chat mode allows users to access the chatbot while the tone mode can rewrite any text directly within the keyboard. With this new integration, users who previously accessed the chatbot using the Bing mobile app can now use SwiftKey everywhere, making the app somewhat redundant.

To enjoy this new feature, users need to download the beta version of SwiftKey on the Google Play Store. According to Pedram Rezaei, Microsoft’s CTO of mobile and commerce, the feature is gradually rolling out, but there is no confirmation of when it will be available to SwiftKey iOS users.

After acquiring SwiftKey in 2016, Microsoft initially discontinued support for the iOS version of the app last year, but later quickly returned it to the App Store. At the time, Pedram Rezaei, Microsoft’s CTO of mobile and commerce, announced that the company would be investing heavily in the keyboard as it prepared to launch an AI-powered version of Bing.

Despite not receiving regular updates on iOS, the Bing integration is expected to appear on the iPhone keyboard side soon, given Microsoft’s focus on AI. The move may also be a response to competition from various AI-powered keyboards on iOS, which already offer ChatGPT integration. One such example is Paragraph AI, which is becoming increasingly popular on iOS.

It was SwiftKey’s popularity on both Android and iOS that prompted Microsoft’s acquisition in the first place, and with the latest integration of Bing Chat AI, it is clear that the company remains committed to improving the app’s features and capabilities.

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