Before the end of the year, Apple plans to form a new team to work on the Apple Car project

Famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reportedly conducted a supplier survey, and the results indicate that Apple will assemble a new team to work on the Apple Car. There has been a recent uptick in talk about Project Titan speculations.

Apple’s alleged automobile project has gone through a number of iterations, with the company neither confirming or denying its existence. In the years after its first prediction, the Apple Car has evolved from a simple city car into what appears to be a fully autonomous vehicle that will not require any input from the driver.

Starting in 2014, Apple established the SixtyEight Research as a “shell corporation” to work on Project Titan, their autonomous vehicle development. They first got started in California at a place called SG5, which had nothing to do with Stargate despite what some eager fans speculated at the time.

There have been significant disruptions to the project, including team departures, abrupt shifts in project direction, and management changes. Former Apple VP of Technologies Bob Mansfield is now in charge of the endeavor. Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted that Apple is putting up a new team to speed up a project that was put on hold when the Covid flu epidemic was in full swing. The addition of new staff members in recent months is indicative of a quickening pace for Project Titan.

Although Ming-Chi Kuo has a solid record of accuracy when predicting Apple products, his predictions for Apple Car have been less reliable. He predicted in 2018 that by 2023, with the delivery of the automobile, Apple’s market cap would have risen to $1 trillion. To be fair, no one knew a global pandemic of COVID-19 was coming at the time.

Apple Upcoming Car

It appears that Apple is eager to resume work on the Titan Project now that regulatory hurdles and industry-wide tremors are easing. Because of the setback, it will require additional time to make up for the lost two years of productivity.

Is it realistic to expect Apple to release its own car by 2025? Why else would Apple try to form a manufacturing alliance with Kia, Hyundai, and Nissan? Even if 2025 is too optimistic, we will definitely see the Apple Car this decade. Apple may not yet be producing the actual automobile, but the corporation has built up a strong reputation as a desirable automaker, and many people are eager to purchase the vehicle as soon as it becomes available.

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