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As the closed beta for GeForce Now opens, Fortnite will be available on iOS devices

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A limited beta version of Epic Games’ Fortnite will be launched for GeForce Now on Thursday, Nvidia announced. Remember that GeForce is now a cloud gaming service that allows you to stream from more than 1,000 games when you link Steam or Epic Games Store.

Closed beta access will be available for a limited time only to Android and iOS mobile app users and Safari browser users.

The beta is open for registration for all GeForce Now members, and will help test our server capacity, graphics delivery, and new touch controls performance. Members will be admitted to the beta in batches of the coming weeks.

GeForce Now is introducing touch controls to its Android version, and the first game to take use of them will be a popular one: Fortnite. It’s true that Android users can currently use touch input in Fortnite, but the goal is to expand touch input to other games that are playable via the streaming platform itself.

Those with a free GeForce Now subscription are eligible for the Beta. While the free tier allows one hour-long streaming sessions, these sessions may be queued up during peak times.

Via GSMArena

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