Apple was fined $19 million in Brazil for not including chargers with its products

Back in September, the Brazilian Ministry of Justice fined Apple BRL 12.275 million, or about $2.34 million, and ordered the company to stop selling iPhones if the packaging did not contain a power adaptor.

Sao Paulo’s civil court has now punished Cupertino for the same infraction. It was claimed in the complaint brought by the Brazilian Consumers’ Organisation that a second purchase was required for the product to function, and that Apple should pay BRL 100 million (about $19 million) in damages.

Judge Caramuru Afonso Francisco ruled that Apple must supply adapters to all Brazilian customers who purchased an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 over the past two years, and must also include the adapters in future purchases. It is possible to file an appeal of the decision.

Apple has stated that starting in 2020, iPhones would only include the Lightning to USB-C cord and not the converter, citing environmental concerns as the cause. Since then, several other manufacturers, especially in the high-end market, have followed its lead.

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