Apple is putting together a new chip design team in the Southern California

Following the announcement of its new chip design facility in Munich, Apple has began hiring engineers with experience working in modem chips and wireless semiconductors in Irvine, California. According to a recent Bloomber article, Apple is searching for employees with expertise in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi semiconductors, wireless radios, radio-frequency integrated circuits, and wireless system-on-a-chip designs.

One more apparent indication that Apple is moving away from Qualcomm modems and developing its own in-house wireless processors for future products.

With intentions to steadily expand its Irvine footprint, according to a new report, Apple’s Irvine expansion is still at an early stage of development. Beyond Irvine and Munich, Apple has begun opening chip offices in Portland, Oregon, Austin, Texas, and Orlando. The company has also opened offices outside the US in Haifa, Israel, and Herzliya, Israel, as well. Intel, AMD, and Infineon Technologies are all within a few miles of each other, therefore these locations aren’t random. Aside from Massachusetts and Japan, Apple is reportedly likely to boost its chip-development activities there as well.

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