Apple introduces iOS 16, iOS 15.7, iPad OS 15.7, watch OS 9, and tv OS 16

In keeping with its earlier announcement, Apple has just delivered significant new upgrades for a wide variety of its devices. Now, let’s get started with iOS 16. The latest version of iOS, which was initially announced in June, is now available for download for iPhone 8 and later models and will come preinstalled on the new iPhone 14 models beginning with their introduction this coming Friday (aside from the iPhone 14 Plus which is getting a later release starting on October 7 – but it too will ship with iOS 16 on board).

Apple has released iOS 15.7, which addresses various kernel vulnerabilities and tackles security issues with Contacts, Maps, Safari, Shortcuts, and WebKit, for users who are unable to update to iOS 16. In addition, iPadOS 15.7 is being released with the same fixes, and it’s possible that this will be the last update to the 15.x branch before iPadOS 16 is released (the rollout of iPadOS 16 was delayed because of problems with the new Stage Manager multitasking feature). Apple has officially acknowledged the postponement, and iPadOS 16.1 is expected to be released soon, possibly as soon as next month.

Additionally, watchOS 9 is now available, providing users with new watch faces, reworked alerts, the ability to view their sleep stages within the Health app, and a brand new app called Medications for keeping track of their daily doses of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. The Workout app now has the ability to create personalized workouts. Apple Watch Series 4 and later units will receive this update.

The Apple TV hasn’t been forgotten, though; the Nintendo Joy-Cons and Nintendo Pro Controller are now supported games controllers in the latest tvOS 16 update.

If you have automatic updates turned on, you should have been prompted to install all of them long ago. If it isn’t, a manual check on any compatible device will trigger an automatic download.

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