Apple has added additional capabilities to its Fitness Plus program

A few new features have been added to Apple’s subscription-based Fitness Plus program, designed to make your morning jog more enjoyable. One example is Time to Run, which allows you to run in a new city each week. In a way, yes.

London, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach will be the first three locations to participate in the pilot program. You’ll receive an audio guide with suggestions, as well as images and music to go along with it.

The Artist Spotlight section of the Apple Music app has also been expanded to include new artists, giving you more options when it comes to working out to music. New podcasts and audio sessions have been added to the Time to Walk feature, making it technically a third season.

A group of people working toward a same purpose is called a “collection.” 30 Day Core Challenge, Pilates Posture Improvement, Yoga Balance Poses Perfection, Your First 5K, Back Strengthening & Hip Flexibility, and Wind Down for a Better Bedtime are the first activities available in Collections.

For $10 a month or $80 for a year, you can access all of the new stuff today. Of course, you’ll need an Apple Watch to use this feature.

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