Apple and Ericsson have settled their patent dispute with a new licensing agreement

Starting with their new license agreement, Apple and Ericsson put an end to their long-running patent dispute. The two companies have reportedly agreed to “global cross-licenses for patented cellular standard-essential technologies” under the terms of a new patent license deal, which was reported on by Reuters.

Apple and Ericsson’s new license arrangement follows several years of legal battles over patents. In 2015, Apple filed a lawsuit against Ericsson, claiming the latter was asking for unreasonably high royalties on LTE technology. The disagreement between Ericsson and Apple was resolved later that year. Now fast forward to current year, and we have a legal battle between Apple and Ericsson over 5G patents and equipment.

The settlement ends all ongoing patent-related legal disputes between the parties.

Based on the terms of the new agreement, Ericsson expects its revenue from intellectual property rights (including Apple and others) to range from SEK 5.0 billion to SEK 5.5 billion ($530.3 million to $578.5 million) in Q4 this year.

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