Apparently, Microsoft and Qualcomm Have an ARM Exclusivity Arrangement That t is About to End

It has been reported that and have an exclusive deal to only support Windows on on Qualcomm devices. Windows on ARM is probably warranted in exclusivity given the two businesses' relationship.

Qualcomm presently sells the Snapdragon 7x Gen2 Compute, Snapdragon 8X Compute, and Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 Compute chipsets for Windows on ARM PCs..

Why hasn't Windows on ARM been more widely adopted? A deal between the two tech titans. It also argues against Windows on ARM being officially supported on M1 Apple machines.

At last week's MediaTek Summit, the rival chipmaker stated that it wants to contribute to the PC industry, but that it has no immediate plans to do so.

Windows 11 currently supports x64 emulation to improve support for legacy Windows applications on the new ARM-based operating system, although it still lags behind Apple. Windows on ARM was launched in 2016 to replicate x86 apps and replace Windows RT.

The claimed exclusive arrangement between Qualcomm and Microsoft is “set to expire soon,” according to the report's sources.

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