App Store pricing will rise in some locations, according to Apple

A number of countries are seeing an increase in app prices, while others are seeing an adjustment in developer compensation. Apple cites taxes and exchange rates as the reasons behind these changes. Bahrain, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe will see an increase in the cost of mobile apps. Bahrain has increased its VAT from 5% to 10%, Ukraine has increased its VAT from 20% to 20%, and Zimbabwe has imposed a new digital service tax of 5%.

The Bahamians and Tajiks will see their taxes reduced this year as well, with Oman implementing a VAT of 5%. Apple is modifying the developers’ cut to offset the changes, so the final price will remain the same.

It’s a similar story in Austria, Latvia, and Romania, where the VAT rate for e-books and audiobooks has been increased from 21 to 5 percent, respectively, and the VAT rate for e-books and audiobooks has been lowered from 19 to 5 percent.

According to Apple’s official statement, it’s up to app developers in the final six nations that determine whether or not to increase their charges.

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