An Effective Way to Hide Chats in WhatsApp Without Utilizing the Archive Function

The majority of WhatsApp users have tried to cover up their communications, however this can sometimes be more complicated than it appears.

Up until now, WhatsApp allowed you to conceal particular conversations, but subsequent messages would cause those conversations to emerge, reinstating them at the top of the chat list, making the originally intended purpose of hiding the conversations unsuccessful.

Up until recently, however, as we now know, WhatsApp has hidden chats in a separate folder, leaving feeds to emerge when a new message is received.

“We have heard that users want their archived messages to stay tucked away in the Archived Chats folder, instead of moving back into your main chat list when a new message arrives,” the company tweeted.

“The new Archived Chats settings mean that any message thread that is archived will now stay in the Archived Chats folder, even if a new message is sent to that thread.”

How to keep messages archived on WhatsApp

  1. Open the WhatsApp application
  2. Tap on the ‘More options’ section on the ‘Chats’ tab
  3. Select ‘Chats’, then ‘Chats history’, and then ‘Archive all chats’

You must hold down the chat you want to hide in order to send a single chat conversation into the archive section.

Until you either respond or mention these chats, you will no longer receive updates about them.

You can revisit the “archived chats” area at any time and make changes to the settings for any chat by following the instructions above.

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