An Arc GPU with a 175W TDP and a clock speed of up to 2250 MHz has been released by Intel

As it turns out, certain details about Intel’s future high-end desktop Arc GPU have been mistakenly leaked (or not?).

Promo video for Intel Arc Control, Intel’s GPU monitoring tool (similar to NVIDIA GeForce Experience), where customers can download drivers, get a full breakdown of performance, and set parameters for the Arc GPUs.

As of yet unreleased GPU characteristics are shown in the 1-second clip, which uses 175W of power at 99.57% utilisation, with a GPU clock frequency of 2250 MHz and a VRAM clock frequency of 1093 MHz.

Only the GPU’s 175W TDP, not the entire board’s, indicates that this is likely a 200W card. It would be possible to achieve 560 GB/s of throughput with a clock speed of 17.5 Gpbs.

A high-end GPU, similar to AMD’s RX 6700 XT or NVIDIA’s RTX 3070, is expected.

Arc GPU - 175W TDP

In May or June, Intel could introduce its Arc range of desktop GPUs. If you’re an artist, you’ll love the ability to encode and decode with AV1. Intel claims that AV1 is 20% more efficient at the same bit rate, and 50% more efficient than h.264. AV1 is a direct competitor to HEVC.

They have new features including XeSS, Intel’s image scaling technique and an AI acceleration engine in its GPUs.

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