All Versions of OnePlus 9, Including the OnePlus 9 Pro, Are Now Running Oxygen OS 12

The 9 and 9 Pro have received a new stable update that is now being rolled out in most regions around the world. Oxygen OS 12 based on Android 12 is included in the update. We were able to download and install the update on a US Unlocked OnePlus 9 Pro with no problems.

Oxygen OS 12 updates the previously Oppo-fied Android overlay with new features and improvements. Contrary to popular belief, the Oxygen OS remains despite the recent amalgamation of Oppo's Color OS team with that of OnePlus with this update. There are some new animations and design features. New textures and, in the words of OnePlus, “a design inspired by brand-new materials and merging lighting and layers” have also been applied to the app icons.

There are a lot of updates to the OnePlus Shelf Earphone Control Card (to control your headphones), Scout (a global search), and the new watch card are all included in this update.

It's now possible to switch between Work and Life modes using a Quick Setting in the latest release. App-specific notification settings can be applied to each mode, and each mode can be activated by location, Wi-Fi network, or the time.

While scrolling through thumbnails in the Gallery, you may now pinch-to-zoom to see the images in more detail. New styles, lines of color, and more detailed control over the colors and appearance have been added to Canvas Always On-Display.

There have already been reports of signal loss after the update, so make sure you proceed with caution. The OnePlus 9 Pro did not have this problem on T-Mobile. That OnePlus hasn't made an official announcement regarding this upgrade on its OnePlus Forums at the time of this writing is also odd.

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