Alexa can tell you about Amazon’s future sales

If you want to take advantage of an upcoming Amazon deal, you no longer have to wait in line for hours in front of a computer screen. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, Alexa can now notify you 24 hours in advance of an Amazon bargain if the item in question is in your cart, saved for later, or on your wish list. You can also instruct Alexa to buy the item for you when the sale becomes live and remind her to do so.

The feature can be activated simply leaving the necessary products in the lists. A recognizable yellow light or pop-up message will appear if a bargain is available.

The offer alerts are only available to a small number of people. It’s only available to those who live in the United States and have a newer Echo speaker. In the meanwhile, you can use Alexa to wait for a price drop alert if you want something but don’t want to pay full price.

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