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AirPod Beanies are a new take on the Venerable iPod Sock

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With the “AirPods Beanies,” accessory maker Native Union pays tribute to the iconic iPod Sock with a warm knit case that doubles as an extra layer of protection for your AirPods.

Here’s a quick primer for those of you who may be feeling a little dazed right now. The iPod Sock is one of Apple’s most iconic products: a set of six brightly colored, two-tone knit sleeves custom-made to fit Apple’s various iPods, both for looks and for functionality. The iPod Socks retailed for $29 for a six-pack, making them as odd a part of Apple history as the recent $20 screen cleaning cloth.

iPod Socks
The original iPod Socks. Image: Apple

As a result of their bright colors and universal size (remember, these were just knit socks), the iPod Socks enjoyed a long shelf life and remained in stores for nearly 10 years before being discontinued by Apple in 2012.

Source Theverge

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