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After Nearly a Decade of Inactivity, Instagram Post Previews are Working Properly on Twitter Once More

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You may now preview Instagram posts on Twitter thanks to a new feature released by Instagram today. As soon as you enter an Instagram link into a tweet, the card format will be applied to the tweet itself instantly.

That’s a nice feature to have, but you might ask why it wasn’t there in the first place and why Instagram’s Twitter account went on about the “they said it would never happen” issue.

That’s true, but it wasn’t until Facebook bought Instagram about a decade ago that this feature was made available. After that, Twitter prevented Instagram from utilizing its API to allow individuals to find their Twitter connections on Instagram, and then Instagram retaliated by prohibiting Twitter from integrating Instagram postings into tweets when users shared an Instagram link.

There is no joking around when it comes to these multi-billion dollar corporations. What’s new in the world? Well, it appears that Facebook has recently launched on a mission to improve its public image. After the corporation renamed itself to Meta, they announced yesterday that they would no longer be able to use auto face tagging. Assuming the strategy is the same, this is merely a minor phase in the process.

Via GSMArena

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