After a screen repair, some Pixel 6 customers report that they are unable to use the fingerprint calibration tool

Because of concerns with Android 12 software bugs, firmware updates with signal drop issues, and delayed firmware updates to address issues caused by updates, Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have had a rough start. Even after firmware updates were meant to remedy the poor performance of the optical in-display fingerprint scanner, consumers have continued to voice their displeasure.

Pixel 6 owners who have had to replace their displays are the latest to feel the wrath of the new phone. Reddit and Google Support threads are filled with consumers who cannot use their Pixel 6’s fingerprint sensor when the display is replaced. Even those serviced by UBreakIFix, one of Google’s official service businesses. Attempts to get the tool to work consistently have failed, even for the professionals who are supposedly qualified to fix Google Pixels.

When trying to use Google’s fingerprint calibration tool, the problem emerges.. It fails to install the new fingerprint scanner on the device for an unknown number of users in this case. Calibration software for this device cannot be found.

Unfortunately, even though Google provided this application to help owners and repair businesses re-calibrate a repaired device’s new component, it isn’t working for everyone. Users on Reddit, XDA, Google’s Support forum and iFixit are all reporting the same problem, according to right to repair activist and repair business owner Louis Rossmann.

Remember the Pixel 6 fingerprint

In an interview with Rossmann, he encourages DIYers and supporters of the Right to Repair movement to be suspicious whenever a manufacturer makes a statement about making their gadgets easier to repair. Because the issue could have been done accidentally, Rossman believes the company’s response is more essential than the issue itself. Despite this, consumers have been reporting this issue for months. We’re hoping Google fixes the fingerprint calibration tool to make owning a Pixel 6 device more enjoyable.

Those who had a fingerprint sensor replaced back in October were told they would need to have it re-calibrated to their specific phone. It is impossible to replace the display without replacing the in-display scanner because the two are part of the same unit. Adding the calibration tool is an unnecessary step, but Google messed it up and needs to fix it.

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