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Adobe Introduces Photoshop for the Web and iPad RAW Support

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The Adobe Max conference began with a flurry of app updates across the company’s entire product line.

Photoshop for the web browser is one of the most significant announcements of the year. For collaborative work, it’s a stripped-down web version of Photoshop with limited editing capabilities A new commenting panel will sync with Photoshop on desktop and allow you to review and comment on PSD files while storing them in the cloud.

The iPad version of Photoshop received a significant upgrade. Adobe Camera RAW, as well as Apple ProRAW files from the iPhone 12 and 13, are now supported. Additionally, Photoshop’s iPad app now includes tools like the Sky Replacement, Healing Brush, and Magic Wand.

Photoshop Desktop now has a smart object masking feature. Sensei AI machine learning isolates objects when you hover over them, allowing you to make local adjustments to them. To create masks from multiple objects, go to Layer > Mask All Objects.

Landscape Mixer can instantly transform a landscape shot into a different season. Using this feature, even people in the scene will be masked and harmonized so that they don’t stand out.

Via GSMArena

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