According to a fresh claim, the iPhone 14 Pro will sport a 48MP camera system

According to a recent claim from TrendForce, the iPhone 14 Pro will be equipped with a 48MP main camera.

As the third iPhone to boost its main camera’s resolution (the iPhone 4 to 4S went from 5MP to 8MP; the iPhone 6 to 6s went from 8MP to 12MP), this represents a significant shift in Apple’s approach to cameras.

A high-resolution camera may be necessary for Apple’s Pro phones to record 8K video, but the company may also use varying resolutions based on the scene. A landscape or a portrait may require more megapixels, whereas a low-light photo may be reduced to 12MP after pixel binning.

A 48MP primary camera on the iPhone 14 Pro has been repeatedly mentioned by renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The iPhone 15 will have a periscope zoom, according to him, when it launches in 2023.

A single or pill-shaped punch-hole camera with built-in FaceID is said to replace the iPhone 14’s current notch on the device’s front, according to two reports.

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