A USB-C equipped iPhone is on the way, according to Apple

Apple has confirmed unequivocally that the iPhone will begin using USB-C. Greg Joswiak, Apple’s head of marketing, recently told The Wall Street Journal that Apple will replace the Lighting port even if his staff is unhappy with the change.

Craig Federighi, vice president of software, also participated in the interview, although no details about the relocation were shared.

Apple executives obfuscated the timescale for the move by saying “the Europeans are the ones dictating timing for European customers.” Despite the fact that it seems highly doubtful, Joswiak still refused to say whether or not Apple will ship a connector marketed outside of the EU.

The executive also discussed Apple’s commitment to independence, saying that the company would rather go its own way and trust its engineers than conform to governmental rules and use third-party hardware. He also mentioned micro USB and how Apple has been forced to conform to poorly thought-out standards.

The marketing director continued by saying that the problem of uniformity was resolved by charging bricks with detachable cables and that the changeover to USB-C would result in a great deal of electronic waste since customers would be forced to buy new cables and dispose of the old ones.

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