A slowdown in file copying speeds is attributed to Windows 11 22H2

After installing the 22H2 update, has validated a new known issue that causes consumers to notice a considerable performance drop when copying large files over SMB.

“22H2 has a performance drop when transferring larger files from a remote computer down to a 11 computer or when copying files on a local drive,” said Ned Pyle, Principal Program Manager in the Windows Server engineering division.

Redmond has not disclosed how much longer such file operations will take on affected PCs, but users have reported that in some cases the time required might more than double.

Microsoft has published a support document explaining the KB5017389 preview cumulative update's contents, which includes more information on this issue.

“Copying large multiple gigabyte (GB) files might take longer than expected to finish on Windows 11, version 22H2,” – Microsoft.

When using Server Message Block (SMB) to copy files from a network share to Windows 11, version 22H2, you may run into this problem. This problem could also occur when copying files locally.

The firm also noted that Windows machines on private or small office networks are less likely to be affected by this newly disclosed problem.

Possible Solution.

Microsoft has provided a potential workaround for users whose machines have been compromised by this issue since upgrading to Windows 11 22H2.

File copy programs that do not use cache manager (buffer I/O), as explained by Redmond, can help affected customers avoid the performance hit while transferring files over SMB.

The built-in robocopy and xcopy tools, as well as the following instructions, will do the trick:

robocopy \\someserver\someshare c:\somefolder somefile.img /J


xcopy \\someserver\someshare c:\somefolder /J

Microsoft is looking into the matter and developing a potential fix right now. In the near future, a new release will include an update.

Since the launch of Windows 11 22H2, Microsoft has introduced compatibility restrictions that prevent the upgrade from being made available on some devices (often those experiencing printer problems or blue screens of death).

This week, the Microsoft also verified that the Windows 11 2022 Update is causing issues with provisioning, which prevents Windows 11 endpoints from being fully configured and installed.

As of Tuesday, October 4th, all users with compatible devices can upgrade to Windows 11 22H2.

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