A 25W Wired Charging Certification has been Granted to Samsung Galaxy S22 Phones

While has certified Chinese models of the Galaxy S22 smartphone for use with the third-party certification body 3C, it is clear from the listings that none will allow wired fast charging of greater than 25W. The 45W standard will not be adopted by any of them, not even the S22 Ultra, as earlier rumours suggested.

There is a chance that this just applies to Qualcomm-powered devices because the S22 Ultra, which has an Exynos 2200 processor and an AMD custom-built GPU, will have the fastest speeds, but it won't be available in China, thus it wasn't included in the certification process.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series on 3C (aka CCC)
S22 series on 3C (aka CCC)

It is important to note that the SM-S9010, SM-S9060, and SM-S9080 are all Galaxy S22 models, with a 0 in front of the last character denoting a unit for the Chinese market. Since the Galaxy Note10 was released in August of this year, all of them have been using the Samsung EP-TA800 25W adapter.

Even if Samsung continues to use the 25W charging standard for the next generation, it runs the risk of falling behind Android competitors who typically offer charging speeds that are two to three times as fast and some even reach as high as 125W.

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