A 1.47-inch AMOLED Screen Equipped with Huawei’s Watch Fit Mini Debuted in Europe this Week

Huawei is constantly adding new wearables to its line-up, the most recent of which is the Watch Fit Mini. It has a square screen, but it’s taller, narrower, and lighter than any other Watch Fit wearable up to this point in time.

The Mini model has a smaller screen and a lighter body, but it has all the same features as its larger sibling, including a long battery life and a physical button on the side.

There is a 1.47-inch AMOLED screen with touch and slide gesture support on the rectangular display. In terms of pixels per inch, the resolution is 368 x 194 (or 282 ppi). The body weighs 20 grams, and there are three colors available for the strap: Frosty White, Mocha Brown, and Taro Purple, a fluoroelastomer version of the other two.

In addition to the accelerometer and gyroscope on board, there’s a heart rate sensor on the back and a six-axis IMU sensor in use. It also measures SpO2, or blood oxygen saturation, and if that number is below 80%, the Watch Fit Mini will recommend that you see a doctor right away.

Typical users can expect 14 days of use on a single charge with the 180mAh battery, while power users can expect 10 days between charges.

Huawei’s Lite OS has added a new feature called Cycle Calendar for women, and it’s sure to be popular. Period reminders will be sent to them discretely and in real time using Huawei Health’s accompanying calendar in the accompanying Huawei Health app.

Wearable can track daily and nightly activity, including sleep with the well-known TruSleep 2.0 feature that reportedly provides details about sleep quality with up to 96% accuracy, and there are 96 different indoor and outdoor exercise modes available.

Huawei’s Watch Fit Mini is already on sale in Germany and Italy, among other European nations Runtastic Premium membership for one month is included in the price of €99 ($115). The company also includes a free scale (originally between $40 and €70).

Huawei Watch Fit Mini

Huawei Watch Fit Mini

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