2K Games is alerting players that their stolen information is being sold on the dark web

After a security breach on September 19, video game maker 2K emailed customers on Thursday to inform them that some of their personal information had been stolen and was for sale online.

On September 20th, 2K announced that hackers had compromised its help desk infrastructure and were using it to send phishing emails to clients with embedded links to malicious software called Redline Stealer.

The game developer shut down the help desk as it looked into the hack and dealt with the ramifications. Users were urged to change their passwords stored in their browsers and look for unusual activity on their accounts.

On Thursday, 2K informed customers that their information had been compromised due to phishing assaults on its support page.

“Following further investigation, we discovered that the unauthorized third party accessed and copied some of the personal data we record about you when you contact us for support: the name given when contacting us, email address, helpdesk identification number, gamertag and console details,” – 2K.

There is no evidence that any of your passwords or financial information stored on our systems was stolen.

Fake 2K support tickets with RedLine stealer download links
Fake 2K support tickets with RedLine stealer download links (Reddit)

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