How to Download Movie on Montelent.com

Montelent.com is a General site Launched in 2017 by Montel Anthony. Montelent.com is one of the top movie downloading sites in the world. Montelent.com provides all types of movies, Sizes, Qualities etc. This Post will give the guidelines on how to Movie on Montelent.com easily. 

Some of the movies offered by Montelent.com are:

Hollywood Movies (English, Danish, French etc), Bollywood movies (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc), Nollywood Movies, Yoruba movies, Tagalog movies, Chinese Movies, Korean Movies etc.

Some of the Movie Qualities Offered by Montelent.com are:

BluRay, BRRip, BDRip, HDRip, HDTS, WEB-DL, WEBRip, 3D BluRay etc.

How to Access Montelent.com

On your device, open your preferred browser but i advice you to download these browsers (Chrome, IDM, ADM, UC Browser, Phoenix Browser) for mobile. For PC, you can download Chrome, Internet Download Manager (preferably) etc. Type in https://www.montelent.com and load the site. The site has many categories of movies you can select on, also you can read articles there if you want.

How to Download Movie on Montelent.com
Montelent.com Homepage

How to Download Movie on Montelent.com

Step 1

Simply click on the desired movie or series you want to download and wait for it to finish loading (make sure you have stable network).

Note: There are advertisements, so you have to be patient and careful. 

The Complete Guide to Download Movie on Montelent.com

Step 2

Scroll down to Link Download or Kindly click on the ta showing Links to bring out Download Link fast (be mindful of Popunder ads).

There are 3 tabs (Info, cast, Links).

The Complete Guide to Download Movie on Montelent.com

Step 3

Now click on the one showing download in Button format with Red background and white font. Check image below.

The Complete Guide to Download Movie on Montelent.com

Step 4

On tthe next screen, wait for the timer to countdown then click on the Continue Download Button.

Step 5

Now you will see a new site loaded showing Blue button written “Click Here“. Wait for the next screen and then click on “Skip Ad“.

Step 6

A site bearing streamsb will load (This is the final part and also remember there is an advert). The site is a third party server where the movie is being stored and these steps helps to avoid copyright takedown.

Now, choose your preferred quality from the two options and now on the next screen, click on Download Video [Name of the movie].

On the last part, now click on Direct Download Link. (remember there are tons of Popunder ads there so you have to close it each time it pops out and the continue.

The Complete Guide to Download Movie on Montelent.com


Conclusion: How to Download Movie on Montelent.com

These are all the downloads step which will help you to easily download any movie on Montelent.com. These steps were setup to help stop copyright takedown and also for you to be able to get working download link always. Also, Monetization is applied in all the steps as to help manage servers and appreciate the work.

If you have any issue, kindly comment below and get it solved ASAP. Thank you and Happy Downloading!!!


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