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How to Download and Open Torrent Files on Android Phone

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This article explains how to locate, download, and open torrent files on your Android device. In order to access and download larger, more complicated files, such as videos or applications, a torrent must contain the necessary metadata. After downloading a torrent file, you can open it with a downloader like IDM, which will begin downloading the torrent’s connected files to your phone.

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Below are the steps to Download and Open Torrent Files on your Android Phone:

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Installing a Torrent Downloader

In order to begin downloading the data from a downloaded torrent, you need a torrent downloader/client like IDM or ADM, qBitTorrent, or uTorrent.
Torrent files will be opened using IDM in this article.

Visit the Playstore and search for IDM or ADM in the search box and click Install to start downloading the APK file. Below is the IDM.
IDM Link

After downloading and installing the app, open the app and give the necessary permissions.

Finding the Torrent File

To download torrent files, there are millions of sites you can go to to download your files.
Some of the sites are:

Visit any of them and download a torrent file of your choice, like in the screenshot below.


Any file downloaded will have the .torrent extension.

Downloading the Torrent File

After downloading a torrent file, you can open it in IDM to start downloading the torrent’s files; however, you cannot “open” a torrent to view its contents in the traditional sense.
To be able to open a torrent file in IDM, Follow the below instructions:
IDM App Interface
Open your IDM and click the “U” icon at the top right of the app. Now click on the Browse you see on the prompt page and then find the torrent file you want to download.
IDM Torrent Browse
On the page showing the torrent file details, You can be able to Select Files to be downloaded, Edit Trackers and other features you can play with.
IDM Torrent File Details
Now Click on the Start button to start downloading and wait for your download to complete.

The torrent’s download folder can be accessed after it has completed downloading.

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