9 Best Search Operators for Link Building Opportunities

You have done hundreds searches on Google daily, but most times what you want may not come up as you needed it.

Though some of the searches gives you what you want exactly which makes you happy.

This post will help you how to use and understand Search Operators for Link Building opportunities.

Using appropriate search operator can improve your search results to about 60% which is a good result.

Most SEO experts tends to use search operators to build links, like searching for “Guest Posting Sites” . These search Operators tends to narrow your search queries and bring up a better results for Guest Posting.

Let’s roll…

What is a Search Operator?

Search Operator are special Command or strings of character which extends the capability of your regular search and get more specific results.

There are millions of search operators, but below, we’ll be listing only 9 which help experts in link building opportunities.

Important search operators for link builders:

1. allinanchor:

Use the allinanchor: operator to get results that include your search query in the anchor text of the post you’re reading.

Assuming you want to search for:

  • “Best hotels in Nigeria”.

For you to get all the required results, use:

  • “allinanchorbest hotels in Nigeria”

2. allintitle:

The allintitle: operator which is similar to allintext operator helps gives you all the results that contains all your queries in the title.

Let’s say you search for:

  • “Pet houses”

Using the operator you may narrow your search results to those with the query in the title:

  • “allintitle: pet houses”

3. allintext:

The allintext: operator returns pages that include the text from your query in the results.

Assuming you want to search for:

  • “building links for bloggers”

Sites containing this precise inquiry as text in their page are easy to locate. Use the operator like this:

  • “allintext: building links for bloggers”

4. allinurl:

Only pages with your search phrase in the URL will be returned by the allinurl: operator.

For Example:

  • “allinurl: IPhone”

This will bring up all the queries of iPhones in the url.

5. intitle:

Identify the titles of pages that include a specific word or phrase. A search for “Xiaomi” in a title tag using intitle: operator will show results containing the term.


  • “intitle:Xiaomi”

You can equally use it as below:

  • “Xiaomi intitle:phones”

This will filter all the results that aren’t phones in the query.

Note: There are no space after intitle: operator with the query.

6. site:

This operator limits the results from a specific website.

For example, if you want to see the results from only cloudorian.com, use:

  • “site:cloudorian.com” 

This will only bring results from the website. You can also use it as below:

  • “site:cloudorian.com IPhone” 

This query only brings up results from cloudorian.com with IPhone in the titles.

7. + (now quotation marks)

This operator limits results for an exact phrase/keyword initially.

But this was changed in 2011 by Google to Quotation marks (“).

To simply search for an exact phrase or keyword, you have to use quotation as an enclosure.

For example to find” jobs for students in Nigeria”, you search:

  • Nigerian Students “jobs”

You can use this to find links linked to Nigerian Students that have the phrase “jobs” in their title or URL.

8. ~

This operator is used when you want to find a synonyms to your search query.

To search for link “building suggestions”, you can search as:

  • “Link building ~suggestions”

It will not only display link building suggestions but will also bring out results like “link building tips”, “link building guides” etc.

9. *

The asterisk operator serves as a wildcard, used for search for phrases having placeholders between them.

Let’s say I search for:

  • Xiaomi * Phones

Phrases starting with Xiaomi will come up on Google with other keywords followed by Redmi.

The results may look like:

“Xiaomi best Phones”, “Xiaomi Flagship Phones” etc.

Tips for Building Links

1. Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest Posting is still one of the biggest factors contributing to building links.

This helps you to build high DA (Domain Authority) and Page Authority which helps you in ranking well on search engines.

These searches may help you:

  • KEYWORD “write for us”
  • KEYWORD “guest post”
  • KEYWORD “blog for us”
  • KEYWORD “writers needed”

You can use intitle: operator as – intitle:entrepreneurship “write for us”


intitle:entrepreneurship “write for us” Search Results

2. Find indexation errors

Your site might have an indexation errors by Google.

A page that is supposed to be indexed, isn’t.

You can use the site: operator to check how many pages indexed by Google.

Also, remember Google gives rough approximations when you are using this operator.


This is how search operators extend your search queries for better results of what you are looking. This, which matches your specific interests, also gaining links for your sites.

Kindly drop your comments below, let’s know the best search operators you use or suggestions on that.

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