7 Best Shows Like Game of Thrones on Netflix, HBO Max


Game of Thrones remains one of the most successful and critically-acclaimed television shows ever, captivating millions with its rich fantasy world, complex characters, political maneuverings and unexpected twists. However, after its controversial conclusion this past April many fans were left wanting more. Are You Missing Game of Thrones? Thankfully, there are numerous shows on streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO Max that may fill that void and satisfy you while waiting. In this article, we’ve curated seven excellent alternative shows to Game of Thrones that you should watch right now. We will compare and contrast them based on genre, setting, plotline, characters and more; and will outline their strengths and weaknesses as well as whether or not they appeal to viewers like Game of Thrones does. Fantasy fans, historical fiction buffs, sci-fi enthusiasts or drama enthusiasts will surely find something among this selection that suits their preferences perfectly!

1. The Witcher (Netflix)

The Witcher
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The Witcher is an epic fantasy series inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski novels and video games created by CD Projekt Red. It follows Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), an experienced monster hunter travelling the war-ravaged continent known as “The Continent.” Along his travels he encounters powerful sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), along with young princess Ciri (Freya Allan). All three women play important roles in his journeys – each with her own destiny linked to his journey.

The Witcher stands out as an exceptional alternative to Game of Thrones because of the many parallels it shares with it. Both shows take place in medieval-inspired worlds filled with magic, monsters, political tensions and multiple storylines that interconnect over time and feature complex, morally ambiguous characters; both also share similar visual aesthetics; however The Witcher differs by being more focused on personal journeys of main characters rather than large events shaping the world, while having more whimsical tone than Game of Thrones which often remains grim and serious.

If you like Game of Thrones for its fantasy elements, action scenes, and character development, chances are The Witcher will also appeal to you. But if realistic narratives or nonlinear plotlines make your head spin too often then perhaps The Witcher won’t appeal as much.

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2. The Last Kingdom (Netflix)

The Last Kingdom
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The Last Kingdom is an historical fiction television series inspired by Bernard Cornwell’s novels. It follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon), an English noble who is abducted and raised as a Viking child; later becoming King Alfred’s (David Dawson) warrior to unite England against Danish invaders.

The Last Kingdom is another popular alternative to Game of Thrones because it depicts a brutal medieval world filled with political intrigue and warfare, complete with large casts belonging to different factions with competing allegiances, exploring themes such as identity, loyalty, religion, destiny etc. However, The Last Kingdom differs in some aspects; its plotline relies more heavily on real historical events rather than fiction as well as having less supernatural elements such as magic or dragons than Game of Thrones does.

If you enjoy Game of Thrones for its historical accuracy, battle scenes, and cultural diversity, The Last Kingdom might appeal. On the other hand, if fantasy elements or unpredictable plot twists more appeal than history or realism for you then perhaps The Last Kingdom won’t satisfy.

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3. Vikings (Netflix)

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Vikings is an award-winning historical fiction series created by Michael Hirst that follows Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), an epic Viking leader known for raids and exploring of new territories alongside his family and followers. Additionally, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard), Rollo (Clive Standen), Ivar (Alex Hogh Andersen), etc are depicted.

Vikings is another fantastic series like Game of Thrones because it explores an equally violent medieval world filled with political intrigue and warfare. Both shows feature charismatic protagonists with humble origins who rise through political ranks into powerful leadership positions; each also feature stunning cinematography and production values to bring its respective setting alive. Yet Vikings differs significantly – its focus lies more within Norse culture and mythology rather than other regions or civilizations or events or conflicts, while its emphasis lies more within relationships within families rather than larger events or conflicts.

If you enjoy Game of Thrones for its epic scope, character arcs, and visual effects, chances are good you will also appreciate Vikings.
Vikings may not appeal to all viewers; those looking for more diversity or less violence or sexual content might find them less captivating.

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4. His Dark Materials (HBO Max)

His Dark Materials
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His Dark Materials is an epic fantasy television series adapted from Philip Pullman’s novels. It follows Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keen), who lives in an alternate reality where people possess animal companions known as daemons.
She embarks on an odyssey to find Roger (Lewin Lloyd), discovering a sinister plan involving Dust. On this quest she meets Will Parry (Amir Wilson), an alien boy possessing an interdimensional knife capable of cutting between dimensions.

His Dark Materials is one of the best shows like Game of Thrones because it also explores an imaginative fantasy realm filled with magic, mystery and adventure. Both series also boast multiple storylines that span across time periods and worlds.
Both shows feature compelling characters who face various trials and perils; His Dark Materials differs in that it targets young audiences rather than adult ones.
Game of Thrones often presents an optimistic and pessimistic world view; Argo offers something much brighter.

If you like Game of Thrones for its fantasy elements, world building, and plot twists, His Dark Materials might also appeal to you.
However, if you prefer more realistic approaches to storytelling or are less interested in religious and philosophical themes, His Dark Materials might not hold your interest as strongly.

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5. The Expanse (Amazon Prime Video)

The Expanse
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The Expanse is an epic sci-fi television series inspired by James S.A. Corey’s novels of the same name. Set in 24th century Earth, Mars, and Belt humans have colonized most of space while remaining divided among three factions: Earth, Mars and Belt.
It chronicles the exploits of the crew aboard Rocinante, an intergalactic spaceship caught up in an unfolding conspiracy which threatens to dismantle fragile power balance among factions and also includes characters such as Detective Miller (Thomas Jane), Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo), Bobbie Draper (Frankie Adams) and more.

The Expanse is one of the finest shows similar to Game of Thrones because it also presents a complex sci-fi universe with political intrigue and warfare, featuring diverse casts who belong to different factions with diverse and sometimes opposing interests.
Both shows explore themes such as humanity, loyalty, survival and justice; however The Expanse differs significantly in some respects from Game of Thrones in several regards – for instance it takes place in the future rather than past and has more scientific than magical elements.

If you enjoy Game of Thrones for its political drama, action sequences, and character development, The Expanse may also meet those requirements.
However, if fantasy or historical accuracy are more appealing than sci-fi elements or futuristic speculations for you, The Expanse might not be your cup of tea.

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6. Westworld (HBO Max)

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Westworld, an HBO Max series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy and inspired by Michael Crichton’s 1973 movie of the same name, takes place within Westworld: an advanced theme park where visitors are free to indulge their fantasies with lifelike android hosts that look just like themselves.

Westworld is one of the best shows like Game of Thrones as it also provides an immersive sci-fi world filled with mystery and adventure. Both shows include multiple storylines that span across timeframes and locations, making for compelling viewing experience.
Game of Thrones and Westworld both present compelling characters who question their identities and realities; however, Westworld stands apart in that its focus lies more with philosophical and ethical considerations of artificial intelligence rather than political or social matters.
Another characteristic is its nonlinear and ambiguous narrative structure, which may prove disorienting or frustrating for viewers.

If you enjoy Game of Thrones for its mysterious elements, plot twists, and character arcs, chances are good you will also love Westworld.
However, if you prefer more straightforward storytelling approaches or are uninterested in sci-fi elements or existential themes, Westworld might prove less engaging for you.

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7. Succession (HBO Max)


Jesse Armstrong created Succession as a drama series which follows the Roy family, an elite media dynasty which owns Waystar Royco a global conglomerate. Succession depicts their struggle among themselves for control of Waystar Royco while upholding their father’s legacy while considering its effects on employees, rivals, allies, and enemies alike.

Succession is one of the top alternatives to Game of Thrones because it also depicts an intricate world with political intrigue and warfare, featuring large casts with opposing interests that represent opposing factions vying for power within society, family ties that conflict, loyalty betrayals, power corruption as well as power imbalance. Succession stands apart in some aspects as it takes place more in present-day rather than historical fiction and features less violence/fantasy elements but more humor/satire elements compared with Game of Thrones.

If you enjoy Game of Thrones for its political drama, character development, and dialogue, chances are high you’ll also like Succession. But if fantasy- or action-scene-focused films more appeal to you than contemporary issues or comedy does, Succession might not.

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Game of Thrones was an amazing show that left an indelible mark on many viewers, yet there are other shows which provide similar experiences if Game of Thrones does not satisfy your craving for fantasy, history, sci-fi or drama. We have listed seven such similar series available on Netflix or HBO Max and highlighted their genre, setting, plot characters as well as any potential strengths or weaknesses you might enjoy or dislike about them.

Of course, this list is far from comprehensive or definitive – there may be other shows like Game of Thrones which might also fall into this category; ultimately it all boils down to individual preferences and tastes; you might agree or disagree with our choices or offer up suggestions of your own; that’s fine; just remain open-minded as exploring new avenues could reveal your new favorite show(s).

So don’t wait! Get popcorn and your remote, and begin binge-watching these incredible shows right now. And please feel free to share your opinions in the comments section – we would love to hear your insights and recommendations! We look forward to hearing more!

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