5 Key Strategies To Packaging Digital Marketing

It is difficult to keep up with changes in technology and stay on top of all the various services we use on a daily basis. On average, we perform more than 43 hours of work and personal tasks on our smartphones each week. Consumers want their products and services delivered consistently, regardless of location or time. They also expect these solutions to operate together seamlessly, allowing them to manage many tasks at once without switching between apps.

How does packaging work in digital marketing

Packaging is when you combine two or more of your digital marketing efforts in such a way that it maximizes their effectiveness. To do so, you need to create compelling messages for different audiences and propositions.

Decouple product and support

If the purchase is made digitally, the physical packaging should become outdated. Though there are a small minority of people who still make a purchase in a store, all digital marketing should be designed with an assumption that this is true.

Reduce consideration time for customers

The simplest way to reduce consideration time is through online advertising, but take care in your approach. PPC advertising works by driving users to your landing page where they can make a purchase, but this marketing method can be expensive when paid by the click.

Remove irrelevant options from product selection process

The user selects their product options, which can include size, color, fabric type, etc., before submitting them for booking. This removes the need to make the “rounds” which are often time-consuming and expensive trials of different products.

Keep the customer central to the success of the product

Continuing to take input from the customer is an essential part of online market research. It can also have a flow-on effect for other aspects of the business, so it’s important to establish good feedback channels.
RFM or reaction to purchase is incredibly powerful in building empathy for your customers, and without that empathy you risk making decisions that do not really help them.

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