Web Designers’ Favorite Color-Making Tools

Many design professions rely heavily on color as a tool. A well-thought-out color scheme can entice visitors to a website, whereas a poorly thought-out color scheme can harm the impression and even destroy website conversions.

If you’re not familiar with the various color tools available, coming up with a basic color scheme for your web design project can be challenging.

You can use the following web design color tools to find the perfect color schemes for your projects. There is a need to check out the list of Web Designers’ Favorite Color-Making Tools.

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC allows you to create color palettes using a color wheel or a picture, as well as browse tens of thousands of existing color schemes.


In COLOURlovers, individuals from all over the world come together to share and discuss color palettes, patterns, and the current trends.


Coolors is a simple tool for generating color schemes. Color palettes can be created and shared in a matter of seconds. It selects the primary color of the photographs and discovers the best color schemes for each one of them

Color Snapper 2

Yosemite’s Color Snapper 2 is a Yosemite-only app. You can use it to play around with colors and adjust them to your liking. You can also save them and export them.


Colour schemes may be created and shared with Colordot, a fantastic website as well as an iPhone/iPad app. You can use a camera or your finger to select the hue you want.

Adobe Capture CC

By taking pictures using Adobe Capture CC, you can generate color palettes, brushes, and patterns from virtually anything. It can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices.

LOL Colors

A product of Mackenzie Child’s is LOL Colors. It’s a website that provides color palettes that have been carefully selected. Colorful teardrops have hex codes that can be copied by clicking on them.


Visitors to Gradients.io can create photos using gradient fills. There is a page on the website featuring squares in various color palettes and their hex codes.

Color Hunter

Designers can benefit from Color Hunter. Enter the URL of an image that you like and then upload it to the website. Your chosen image will be used to generate a custom color palette.


More than 20 million Flickr Creative Commons images can be colored using TinEye. Just choose a color, slide the dividers to alter the color, and add tags to your search to get the results you want.


Paletton is a tool for web designers who want to use the correct color schemes when creating websites. Premade color palettes in a specific color can also be used.

Other List of Color-Making Tools:

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