Ulefone Power Armor 13 in For Review

Even though smartphones are growing in capability and performance, they are not very resilient. Well, it is different because it is the latest to be reviewed in our queue. We’ve always described the latest Ulefone flagship as built like a tank, and that description is more fitting than ever.

A Helio G95 provides the power, which is also notable because it is quite robust. Instead, focus on the large 13,200mAh battery, nearly 500-gram weight, and IR measuring distance and support for an endoscope camera. It also possesses the capacity to be a hammer.

The phone has a 33W fast charger with a USB-C port, and there are two USB-C to USB-A adapters included, allowing you to charge other devices by using your phone’s battery.

Like the Ulefone Armor 9, the Power Armor 13 comes with a tiny screwdriver in the tool’s retail box to support the same Endoscope E1 as well. In addition to selling a case, Ulefone offers no protection because the body is already well protected. In addition, it features a carabiner, allowing you to simply hook it onto your belt when your hands are occupied. Even if it’s an accessory made for professionals in extreme environments, Armor 13 enthusiasts will still enjoy the extra bit of room.

The phone’s giant case alone weighs almost a kilogram (nearly 2 pounds), according to Ulefone, and if you include the extra straps and straps and accessories, it’s simply not something you can carry in your pocket.

Although the phone’s chipset may be subpar, it has a host of features normally found in flagship models, such as 15W wireless charging and 5W reverse wireless charging.

The IP68/IP69K rating also means that the Power Armor 13 can endure harsh water pressure with temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius, signifying that it is able to withstand even the strongest water pressure. The audio ports, SIM slot, and USB connectors all have rubber protection. You’ll have to force the metal cover off of the SIM slot in order to access it.

Ulefone claims the laser rangefinder reaches out to 40 meters. It is incredible that the company was able to include such an expensive technology in a $500 smartphone when the cost of that feature alone is around $50. Even with everything that the Power Armor 13 offers, we’ll only have a final opinion once we’ve completed the review. Check back for updates!

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