The 10 Best Places to Stream Music

You may have heard people saying that they enjoy listening to the radio because they get to discover new artists. Radio stations are great for introducing listeners to new music, but if you’re looking for a place where you can quickly find out what your friends are listening to without it being your entire feed, try one of these streaming services.

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What are the 10 Best Places to Stream Music

It can be tough to find new music- where do people turn? They help you find the perfect song for any mood. We provide recommendations based on your existing playlists, what you’re currently listening to, and even who in your Facebook network is listening to songs with similar artists.


Spotify Premium allows access to every song and playlist and with 120 million songs and 5 billion playlists, there is give everyone a viable alternative to spending too much time on YouTube. Signing up for Spotify already requires the user to have a Facebook account. Once it is installed, users are allowed to choose their preferred language. Once the user signs up, they are allowed to choose their favourite music categories. Users are also allowed to make their own playlists within Spotify. However, since playlists are in song order, it is difficult to pick out specific songs in the playlist. The user clicks on the song in the playlists and is sent directly to the song’s home page. From there, they can listen to the song if it has not already been played.


Pandora is a cool app to use with your iPhone or Android phone. It has a dedicated area for Pandora where you can sign in, and it will stream music for you.  Go to your phone Safari, download the app, and then login with your Pandora Account.  It will show you your stations as well as any you liked. From there you can add or remove stations and do basic music functions like play, pause, skip and use the bathroom. Yeah, if you need the radio station to do a good job, this option is for you.  This is my most used audio source.
Non-traditional. This is where it gets a bit unusual and some might say strange if not disgusting, but it works for me. I have a water bottle that connects to the bike with an adapter.  In that water bottle is a disposable Bluetooth speaker.

Apple Music

Apple Music is very popular with many people, but there are also some other great streaming services too.


YouTube has an amazing library, and it’s best to use your YouTube playlists offline. You can click “Download” on any one of your playlists for offline playback. Unlike Apple Music, Spotify, or Tidal, YouTube doesn’t need you to be a paid subscriber to download songs.

Amazon music

I love Amazon Music for their vast library of songs and how they offer every song that I could possibly want, but also to good prices. There are many other streaming services that are cheaper, but there’s something to be said about an all-in-one service like Amazon Music.

Google Play

Google Play is a huge artist’s friend as it collects all the songs they want to share – studios, songs, it all finds its way there. In addition to being a good meeting point for artists and music lovers, Google has other features that make it a contender for one of the best places to stream music. For example, Google Play Music lets users upload a massive collection of their songs from iTunes for free and also listen to Pandora without even needing an account.

Slacker Radio

Slacker is an internet radio service that streams over 200 genre-based radio stations, giving listeners many options. Slacker is the only online service song save songs to your favourites without buying them, it’s completely free! Plus, they are constantly adding new stations to make sure you never get bored when listening.


SoundCloud is a more obscure website for streaming your favourite music by new musicians. You can add to the tracks you add and add annotations on the tracks you add.


Tidal has a really unique experience to offer especially since it doesn’t have any significant restrictions on content. It also feels more personal with curated stations being created by some of your favourite artists.


There are many great places to stream your favourite music, such as Youtube and Spotify. One of the best is Deezer because they have a huge variety of music available for you to stream or download on-demand. Whether you are interested in pop, hip hop, classical music, reggae, or electronic dance music, Deezer will have something for everyone. This music app also can provide you with background listening on your computer for great results.

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